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The Perfect Parent

Parenting is difficult, I get that, so this post is not about how to be the perfect parent. This post is about learning about the perfect parent that is available to all of us, young and old.

We all have a perfect parent from above. This perfect parent knows each and every one of us by name. This perfect parent cares about us so much. This perfect parent just wants us to be fully happy and fully alive.

This perfect parent is not only a perfect parent, but a person that is the epitome of love. This perfect parent has the widest arms and the best hugs you can think of. This perfect parent knows how you’re struggling and knows exactly how to get you out of it. This perfect parent is the most powerful person that exists.

This perfect parent is God the Father. He wants to be called Father. He wants to help you and he can help you.

All you have to do is say, “Father, I need your help.” And you know what, he’s gonna hear your voice and your call for help and he’s gonna help you. Why? Because that’s what parents do. They help you. And you know what? You can rest assured that you absolutely will get that help because…He’s the perfect parent.


A New Name for Hope and Healing

A beautiful thing is that I believe no one feels that they are too good for healing or for being given hope.

I’ve been thinking about how to share something I’ve been wanting to share, but I thought if I put it in the light of feeling that people are bad and need to be saved, I feel no one would listen. And if no one wants to listen, then I am not saying what I should be saying because if I was saying what I should be saying, I feel many people would want to listen.

The most important thing to me is the heart of the message, the point. Another thing that is important to me is the heart. Saying what the hearts of people are longing to hear.

So with that said, I’ve been thinking of how we need a lot of healing in this day and age and how we also need hope, something we can really look forward to.

A word about healing. I feel almost none of us feel that we are too good for healing. When we are sick, especially really sick, most people go to the doctor and then listen to the doctor and take medicine. They don’t think they are too good for the doctor to not listen to them. They are sick, they want to get healed, so they listen to the expert.

Now I want to talk about a different kind of ailment. The spiritual problem of feeling like life has no meaning or purpose. This is a problem and we don’t really notice it because it’s become a part of life. More and more people are having a hard time finding meaning and purpose in the daily grind of things. We keep on going anyway because that’s what we humans do, but we feel this annoying sense of what’s the point of all of this.

Although this problem appears small, it’s actually bigger than it is. Not knowing the reason and purpose of our lives is a big problem because we were actually meant to be fully alive, to be excited, to be free, to have purpose, and actually do some awesome meaningful stuff while we are living on this planet.

The reason why we don’t see the problem of not knowing what we’re doing here is because we didn’t know that we were actually made for so much more. We don’t know what we’re missing out on; however, we do have a sense that there may be something more or that there should be something more.

We have a spiritual problem then. What do we do when we have spiritual problems? We seek out a spiritual doctor. There are so many beautiful spiritual gurus that act as rays of sunshine, but here I want to talk about the main source of all that is good and helpful. Instead of the rays of sunshine, we’re talking about the actual sun here. Something that is complete and that can bring total and complete healing.

In a previous post, I talked about how God is love and how the words we have in our human vocabulary don’t do justice in describing who God really is. The closest thing is that God is love, the most purest and best kind of love you can think of and more. All that is good, loving, and generous. Now if you can grasp the idea that God is really love, and good, and loving, and most especially generous, you are in for a treat for the next point I want to share. God became human. Why? Because he wanted to be with us, to teach us, to help us, and lead us to that life of meaning and purpose we long to live. Who do we feel are the best teachers, but the ones who actually know things based on experience. God became human, experienced joy, experienced pain, and most of all, overcome all the things we humans weren’t meant to be. We were never meant to be lost, confused, or aimless in life. We were never meant to be burdened or overcome by all the troubles that come with life. We were never meant to feel defeated as if there was no point in life.

Now what’s the point with all I am trying to say…the point is that you have the opportunity of a lifetime to flip your life right side up. To bring the power, meaning, and purpose back into your life or into your life for the very first time. This opportunity is for every single person. Why? Because God is generous and he is love. What is love? Love just wants to love. It’s as simple as that with no need to complicate it nor attach any strings to it. It’s free like the sun and the air we breathe. How do you take up this opportunity? You simply believe. Start with your mind, let it move into your heart, and then into the spirit of who you are.


Finding Center

All I ever wanted to be was happy. Anything and everything I did was based on this one desire. The crazy thing is that there were so many things that I was so sure would bring me happiness, and I think you know how the rest of the story goes.

Long story short, I just wanted everyone to like me, I wanted to look good, I wanted to make money and want for nothing, I wanted to satisfy every single one of my cravings, I wanted to feel free and have no one get in my way, I wanted to win, and I wanted to be the best in everything.

To be honest, writing these things down, I realize many of these things are not bad at all on the surface. Beyond appearances though, these things preoccupied my mind and heart. It’s all I thought about. In fact, it’s all I worried about. I became a fairly anxious and worried person wondering every day how and when I would be able to fulfill all those desires.

Little did I know at that time that I had no peace in my life, no joy, no space just to breathe and like myself for who I just was. I realize I had no true center, that I needed all these things to feel centered. I learned that when you rely on things outside of you to bring you happiness that it’s actually a recipe for chaos and a heart and mind that can never just rest.

I just wanted to be done with that way of living and feeling. If anything, I just wanted to stop chasing after things that weren’t the answer to my desire for simply happiness.

Then it came. The blessing in disguise. I prayed. The answer…all the things that were getting in my way of true happiness were taken away from my life. The habits that continually brought me down were on the chopping block, day by day, being chipped away from my life. The result…freedom. I have found a new center–a desire for true inner peace, a clear mind, inner strength, love, and God.


Something New, Something Old

Something many of us have heard is the phrase “God is Love.” What does that really mean?

I’m here sitting on my bed, about to go to bed, when I just couldn’t take my eyes off of how beautiful it is outside. My husband opened up all the windows in our room earlier and as I went inside all I could see were the beautiful green leaves, the clear blue sky with the sound of a handful of birds singing their own songs sitting on some branch in the various trees we have in our neighborhood. I thought to myself, “Wow…this is a beautiful place we live in.”

I was feeling really good, feeling peace, and just taking in the moment. I started to think, “This is so beautiful…I wonder how even more beautiful heaven must be?” And then I started to think how lucky we are to already experience this much beauty in life. Nature is beautiful, from all the plants that grow to all the various creatures that crawl and fly. People are beautiful. We get to experience love, joy, happiness. We get to share in the ability to create.

And then I started to think, “Why do we have all these things? Why do we get to experience so much beauty?” And then the answer came…because God is love. Love is love. Love knows no bounds. Love just wants to share, to spread joy and happiness, to spread love and peace and something beautiful. There’s no reason for all this beauty. The sole purpose of love is love.

Something new. God is beyond explaining with mere human words. We tend to use masculine terms which I feel is a stumbling block because now with our realization and fighting for the dignity of all persons, it gives off the idea that God is not love. To go beyond terms that do a disservice to various people coming to get to know the real God, God is all things good, all things loving, all things that are true, and all things that go straight to the center of your heart.

God cannot be grasped because God is beyond our wildest dreams. Everything you truly desire you can have, when you come to stand in awe of the One who is pure love.

My Hope

It’s 7:30pm right now and I’m in bed ready to go to sleep because I work at a coffee shop at 4:30am tomorrow morning. I’ve decided to push bedtime back a little because there is something on my heart that I really wanted to share. I just got offered and accepted a job that I really really wanted, and I’m just full of awe on how my life has gone this past year.

After I accepted that job, I took my dog for a walk and started to think of all the amazing things that have happened. In fact, I was actually thinking how there were so many great things that have happened that it was hard to recall every single thing and that so many things that I thought were impossible hopes and dreams ended up actually happening. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I am just beside myself with gratitude and awe of how life can be so beautiful.

The reason why I wanted to share this experience is because I want as much people as possible to experience what I am experiencing. My hope for everyone is that they feel good, excited, at peace, strong, powerful and that they feel so spoiled with love and an abundance of every good thing life can offer that they too realize how life can be so amazing.

I attribute all these good things to coming back to believing that there really is a God. It’s hard to explain and understand with the mind. These are one of those things that you only come to learn about with your gut or your heart. It’s that sense you experience when you feel there must be more to life than what I’m seeing. That there must still be some good that exists in the world. It comes from that piece inside of your heart that hopes that everything will actually be fine.

Right there is where you can find God. That point where you strip yourself from all your fears, your guards, and any place in your heart that hurts. God is waiting for you to open a spot for him in your heart, even if it’s just a little spot. You will then experience his love come into your life in both big and smalls ways. Just like it happened for me. =)

The Perfect Father

Have you ever wondered why life can be so hard? Why so many needs go unmet? Do you sometimes wish that the answer to those questions are something other than, “Well that’s life for ya?”

I’m here to tell you that there is another answer.

In my two years of coming back to believing in all that is good, I have learned that the human family is actually not abandoned. In fact, I have learned that we actually have a perfect father. The problem is lack of faith in our perfect father.

You see, the perfect father is also very creative and powerful. In fact, he’s the maker of this beautiful Earth. This Earth was set in motion billions years ago by the father of the universe. In time, things evolved and then finally the human family came to be.

You can get to know him by what he has created…the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky, the stars…the ocean, the earth, the grand mountains…lions and bears to bunnies and puppies…a smile, the heart, love.

He has provided everything on this Earth for us to survive from the sun to the rain, to all the seeds and the animals, to beautiful babies and each other. Without these our human race would not survive.

If he has provided everything we need physically, how could he also not provide everything we need spiritually? We struggle, life is hard, there are so many concerns that we can’t grasp. It’s like a never-ending cycle of unknowns.

He’s covered that too. He’s not only the maker of this grand universe we live in. He’s also in our personal everyday lives. Millions of people somehow feel that all their needs are met. This number is starting to decline as we are led to believe that all the material things can satisfy our deepest longings. We become somewhat victims of oppression when we are made to become convinced that we do not need anymore. Therefore, we don’t search for more, yet there is an constant emptiness that goes unfulfilled.

We are meant to be completely full, overflowing with life and love, and receive an abundance of help in every way, every single way.

The answer…believe. Speak to the Spirit who created the universe, its people, and you. Speak of everything you need. Realize the deepest longings of your heart. Speak of these things, ask for help, and believe you will receive the help in the best way you can ever even conceive of.

Once you realize out of nowhere that all your needs are met, the all you asked for has been given, that even more than you asked for has been lavishly thrown your way…give thanks.

Open Your Mind

The Father is like the glimpse of the perfect sunset. A breathtaking view that takes you by surprise. Like a perfect midnight blue sky adorned with stars that you happen to see in the middle of the night. Or like a strong wind that you find yourself wrapped in.

The Son is like a firefighter who comes to save the day. Like your most benevolent and powerful King. Or like a world championship winning coach.

The Spirit is like your ever-present counselor. Like the safety of a comforter. And even the bearer of all Truth.

God is a mystery. And this mystery wants to know you. You were created infinitely valuable and destined for infinite joy. Open your mind to the truth.


Fully Alive

Life is so precious. We are like a flower that blooms one day and withers away. It may seem like we are insignificant since we all come and go in this life, but it’s quite the opposite. A person fully alive sets the world on fire, whether it be in their beautiful sphere of influence or even the world at large. A person fully alive is someone who is completely themselves. Someone who shines with their God-given gifts. Someone who is not weighed down by things and concerns that only bring their true self down.

How then can we live life fully alive?

We have to be real. We have to be real about what is going on in our lives and where we are going. It’s only in this stopping, taking a break, and listening that we’ll realize if our lives and where we are going is where we want to be.

The beautiful thing is that deep down inside we know the truth. We already know what we need to do, but our personal power has been weakened by other more seemingly important and urgent matters as well as weakened by our own impulses. To take back our power, we have to lift ourselves out of the pile of burdens we put ourselves under. Unless we know how we truly want to live, we’ll continue to live life as if on a running wheel that keeps turning and turning, but never leads to anywhere.

While in this life, we were meant to shine. We are meant to harness that power within and live life with courage and boldness. We are meant to get all the good things out of life which oftentimes means truly learning from our mistakes, quieting our hearts and minds, and following the still small voice guiding us to the true good life.

I want more for our human family

Even though I believe that so much good exists in our world today, I am not unaware of all the unfortunate things that exist as well. I’d like to write about this in light of the fact that we are all connected. We are one big human family, through thick and thin, for better or for worse. We actually are all accountable for each other and succeed through others’ success and fail through each others failures, both big and widespread through small, down to our personal thoughts.

We’re all the same. Made with the same type of skin though with different colors, to our blood, down to our bones. Isn’t that incredible?! I’m just realizing this right now, how often we think we are so different from one another. When we think like this, discrimination sinks in, hate, violence, persecution of one another from well-known religious persecutions because of difference in beliefs, to persecution of the other who don’t look like us or dress like us in the form of looking down on someone or acting as if they don’t even exist. This is painful.

We all get angry when the innocent get hurt, when we feel powerless and used by those who abuse their power, when we don’t have the freedom to say what we want, whether that’s in the larger sense regarding our nation or even down to the everyday such as being heard in the workplace.

We all hate it when life is just unfair sometimes and horrible things happen that our out of control.

Another thing we don’t realize too often is our part in adding onto the misery in the world. When we neglect our kids, for the sake of having successful careers. When we are self-centered and self-indulgent and neglect those that we have promised to be faithful to. When we see someone in need in any way and neglect the movement in our heart that tells us to reach out. When we neglect the call to make ourselves better in that area of our personal lives we know we just need to take time to understand or get under control.

We are all imperfect. We all fall short so often. And I have a feeling, we all want to do better, but somehow can’t get to the other side of where we really want to be. Where we know we can be.

This blog is called the Live and Love Again Revolution where my hope is to help people learn how to be fully alive. To become fully the best people they know they can be. In my About page, I talk about our longing for something more. I believe that something more is our desire to feel fulfilled and to see sweeping changes in the world, where all the wrongs start to go in the right direction toward seeing good changes occur. I believe to get to that place, more and more people need to look up, to look up to the sky and then beyond the sky to the person who created this world to begin with. We need to ask for help. To ask for help not only for the world at large, but also for our own world…our own heart, our marriage, our family, and then friends and others in our lives that we are connected to. Our human family needs each and everyone of us to care for each other more. We need to care just enough to ask for help to have the strength that we need to live up to the best person that we know we can be.

At the root of human suffering…

…is the deficiency of love.

I have come to realize why we can experience so much pain while living in the world. It is all due to not experiencing the love we were created to receive.

I have come to realize that we were created to be loved.

The times when we don’t feel loved are the times that we feel disrespected, neglected, not treated with human dignity or decency, not treated with kindness or forgiveness, and not treated as if we belong, as if we don’t have a place to call home.

This causes much pain. This causes suffering. When we suffer, we carry that weight around and consciously or subconsciously cause pain to those around us.

We all experience pain and we have all, at one time or another, have caused another pain.

It’s easy to be indifferent and think, “That’s life” or “There’s nothing we can do…There’s no hope for humankind.” However, there’s always hope. No matter how small, how dim, how seemingly faraway…there’s hope.

The fact that we feel pain is the very reason why there is hope. We all feel the ache of life. We all feel. We are all alive.

There’s light. It’s in our heart. We long for love. We long to love.

The act of love transforms us.

When we finally find our home, a place where we belong. When we realize we have meaning and purpose in life. When we realize, we’re not so bad after all and have people who care for us.

When we decide to act courageously by treating every single person we meet with dignity, not discriminating who deserves to receive our love and attention. When we realize we’re not perfect and forgive the imperfections of others. When we realize we are all in the same boat and foster a sense of unity within the human race.

Things might not be as bad as they seem.

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